Raghunathpur college

P.O : Raghunathpur, Dist.: Purulia 723133 (W.B)


1) Library hours:-
a) Working days:- Monday to Saturday 
b) Working hours:- 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. daily & 7 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on Tuesday and Friday 

2) Members / Membership : -
All present staff (Teaching & Non-Teaching) and students of this college are uses / members of this library. 
For getting memberships:- the students must produce the following. 
a) For Hons. Students :- 02 copies photo and Admission Report of the college. 
b) For Pass Students :- 01 copy photo and the Admission Report of the College. 

3) Lending :- 
Students should fill-up the lending slips and submit their library cards at the counter. 
a) Hons. Students can borrow 02 books at a time for the maximum 15 days. 
b) Pass students can borrow 01 copy at a time for the maximum 15 days. 
c) For Staff :- 

i) For teaching purpose a staff can borrow maximum 15 books at a time for two months. 
ii) For other purpose a staff can borrow maximum 05 (Five) books at a time for 2 months.

4) Library Access :- Oper access for college staff & close access for students. 

5) To use the library documents in library reading room 
a) The students must submit their Identity card at the counter. 
b) The staff should sigh in a register mentioning time in & time out 

6) Students should take the library clearance certificate by submitting all the library books at the time of form fill up for the final exam.

7) To get a duplicate library card, the students should submit the FIR copy at the library office. 

8) An outsider of the College can use the library by getting the prior permission from the Principal or the librarian of the College.